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About Susan T. Trammell

If you feel overwhelmed by fear, worry, or anxiety; or if you're "stuck" or challenged in different aspects of your life - relationships, finances, health, or work - I can help you. My educational background (a MBA and certification as a Licensed Unity Teacher) combined with my years of experience in Human Resources, communications training, and spiritual metaphysics qualify me as a professional who can put you in touch with your INNER EXPERT. Therein lie all the resources you need to overcome any of life's chanllenges and achieve your innate potential.

What I Can Do For You

How can I help you? My books, my speaking, 1:1 coaching, and the work I do facilitating small groups are the different ways I can support you in your search for a balanced, fulfilling, and happy life. The results of our work will be to move you from being a victim to taking charge of your life and finding the peace and joy you seek.

About Me

My life is my teacher. My experiences - the circumstances and people - bring up the lessons I am ready to learn, and MY Inner Expert provides the opportunities I need to master those same challenges. Those challenges - many and demanding - are similar to your own. After all, though surface details differ, we're here on the same journey, seeking the same ultimate destination: EVERYDAY ENLIGHTENMENT!


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