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First, let’s get as uncomfortable as possible. Right now, August 2020, that should be pretty easy to do! So ask yourself what makes you feel the most uneasy. This is just between you and you – so be honest, brutally so! Now let’s scratch the surface discomfort and discover the underlying culprit/s.

A few reminders to get us started; and this should be the easy, familiar part. It’s what we know, but what we still must constantly remind ourselves. If God – what I think of as the Quantum Field, the Field of All Possibilities, the Creative, Love – is all there is, the Source from which all else emanates, then each of us is (or at least BEGINS as) a direct and wonderful manifestation of God. With me so far?

Next, everyone is a unique and individual expression of God. No two of us are the same. Nor would we wish to be.  Since we’re all created in the image of LOVE (and all other positive qualities we might name), no values or distinctions can be placed on anyone/anything – unless and until we do such labelling. 



How aware are we of the negative impact our individual and our nation’s actions (or inactions) have on the lives of individuals thousands of miles away? I just read about the horrendous floods impacting Bangladesh right now, the end of July 2020. And to a great extent these deadly storms in a gravely impoverished area of the world are the direct result of our nation’s failure to heed what climatologists and other scientists have been proving for decades. This is just one example of millions that should remind us that we are all ONE.

As we continue to ignore the harm we’re causing not only ourselves but others around the globe – not to mention Mother Earth! – we must demand pro-active measures to both limit, control, and reverse actions that are destroying our planet. As pollution from automotive traffic was reduced considerably earlier this year in response to so many taking precautions due to COVID-19, we saw how quickly our skies cleared. Many of us exclaimed that the sky had never been so blue. Of course it always has been “so blue;” we just couldn’t see its vividness thanks to our heavily polluted air. 


In this time of upheaval and challenges facing us all, it’s prudent to remember that chaos occurs when a new and higher order is on the horizon. Granted, that horizon isn’t yet visible, due to racial, COVID, and political turmoil; but please remember that the darkness we’re witnessing today WILL be followed with a new dawning.

How each of us moves through today’s challenges is critical to how swiftly we will witness new and positive changes occurring in our lives and our world. Over the past almost five months since COVID became a part of our everyday lives, I have periodically “hit the wall” – meaning I have days when my impatience, irritability, and general emotional upset get the best of me. Whenever that happens, I just have to re-set my thinking. And as I recognize what’s going on, and understand why I’m upset, I also have to be okay and not criticize myself for the imbalance I’m experiencing.


As neuroscience and physics are understanding more and more about our life in this universe, we’re confronting some very un-intuitive and mysterious revelations. For anyone who has spent time studying and attempting to understand metaphysics – literally that which exists beyond the physical or manifest existence we know as everyday reality – these recent discoveries make sense. But they make sense only to the degree we are willing and able to let go of all preconceived notions about life.

from New Insights to New Outlooks

I just finished re-reading one of my favorite books, Eric Butterworth’s Discover the Power Within You. Any time I re-read this or any other book, I always latch on to certain important truths I need to remember.

I grew up Christian, and although I no longer attend church services or do more than occasionally scan the Bible for certain particular passages, I remain a “fan” of Jesus. Ever since I discovered Unity over thirty years ago, I recognize Jesus as the great example and exemplary teacher that he was/is. And the point that Butterworth drives home time after time in Discover the Power is that Jesus’ mission was to remind us that each of us has the potential to express the Christ Consciousness that is the very essence of our being - the potential that He realized when he walked this earth.

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