from New Insights to New Outlooks

I just finished re-reading one of my favorite books, Eric Butterworth’s Discover the Power Within You. Any time I re-read this or any other book, I always latch on to certain important truths I need to remember.

I grew up Christian, and although I no longer attend church services or do more than occasionally scan the Bible for certain particular passages, I remain a “fan” of Jesus. Ever since I discovered Unity over thirty years ago, I recognize Jesus as the great example and exemplary teacher that he was/is. And the point that Butterworth drives home time after time in Discover the Power is that Jesus’ mission was to remind us that each of us has the potential to express the Christ Consciousness that is the very essence of our being - the potential that He realized when he walked this earth.

So many, for so long, have misunderstood the term, CHRIST. As Butterworth says, “Christ is not a person, but a principle. . . . a principle that involves all humanity. . . . your hope of glory, for it is that of you that is of God and IS God being projected into visibility as you. Christ in you is your own spiritual unity with the Infinite, the key to your health and success.” And he continues, “the difference between Jesus and each of us is not one of inherent spiritual capacity, but a difference in the demonstration of it.”

While there’s little I interpret literally in the Bible, a number of quotes attributed to Jesus are the exceptions. One of my favorites (paraphrased) is, all that I do, you can do – and more. The catch: we must learn to live and experience life at the same level of consciousness that Jesus did. And that’s a very tall order. But were it not possible, He wouldn’t have claimed it as the Truth!

I stretch myself daily to achieve my Christ potential with my thoughts, words, and actions. While I don’t always realize that lofty goal, I constantly remind myself of the possibility that I CAN do better, reach higher, and be more loving. In the 1990’s the “wwjd” phase (originally coined in the late 1800’s) gained new popularity, and it continues to be a worthwhile question I ask. Perhaps you have a reminder to help you live up to your potential.

Jesus’ teachings weren’t about HIS divinity, but the Divinity inherent in each and every one of us. He taught not that he was an exception, but that his demonstrations were an example of what our nature truly is. Yes, we are human. But our humanity should never be an excuse for not living up to our potential. The very nature of our humanity is our spirituality, our divinity, to the degree we demonstrate it in this lifetime!