First, let’s get as uncomfortable as possible. Right now, August 2020, that should be pretty easy to do! So ask yourself what makes you feel the most uneasy. This is just between you and you – so be honest, brutally so! Now let’s scratch the surface discomfort and discover the underlying culprit/s.

A few reminders to get us started; and this should be the easy, familiar part. It’s what we know, but what we still must constantly remind ourselves. If God – what I think of as the Quantum Field, the Field of All Possibilities, the Creative, Love – is all there is, the Source from which all else emanates, then each of us is (or at least BEGINS as) a direct and wonderful manifestation of God. With me so far?

Next, everyone is a unique and individual expression of God. No two of us are the same. Nor would we wish to be.  Since we’re all created in the image of LOVE (and all other positive qualities we might name), no values or distinctions can be placed on anyone/anything – unless and until we do such labelling. 

Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes told us that “From Unity comes multiplicity; but multiplicity does not contradict Unity.” Think about that and absorb the Truth of his words. Then recall all the many different places you’ve lived or traveled; the many different cultures you’ve experienced; the many, many different people you know, or whose paths you’ve crossed. Realize the incredible abundance – the unlimited number – of expressions God reveals Itself in and through.

Now let’s return to the original challenge: just what is it that makes you most uncomfortable. I expect that whatever it is, it’s something very unlike the “YOU” that you see when you look in the mirror. When we see others, we CHOOSE to see how different they are from us. We overlook our similarities – and any reminder that we are ALL part of the ONE. We focus on disparities rather than admiring and recognizing the healthy diversity within our human race. And we see what we’ve trained, conditioned, and habituated our minds to see – and we react similarly.

Every day in my neighborhood I see signs posted in yards reassuring me with their messages that hope springs eternal and that, as Michelle Obama reminds us, when they go low, we go high. From “Black Lives Matter,” to “This Home Honors People of All Colors,” to Martin Luther King Jr’s “Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere” . . . and my personal favorite (today anyway!), Kamala Harris’ “We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. But together, it’s a battle we can win.”

Those aren’t just words or slogans. They’re reminders of our humanity, a subject I often address in my blogs. Instead of labelling, accusing, blaming, and shaming others, we need to remember our essential Truth, the Truth that reminds us WE ARE ALL ONE. We’re in this together. And the “this” is nothing less than what it is taking to reclaim our humanity, re-unite our nation, rebuild global relationships, and restore our planet. We have much work to do, and it takes every one of us to make a positive difference in how we move forward from this time on. As we each recognize and heal our blind spots, as we voice our discontent with the status quo – at the same time acting to improve life – we can turn things around in ways that affirm our inclusiveness and uplift our planet. Dare to be who you’ve come to be! One Mind is working in, as, and through us all TO THE DEGREE we allow It to. Open to the possibilities