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Few of us realize how incredibly powerful we are. And those who do may be afraid to exercise that power responsibly. Taking control of our lives implies taking responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens to us! If there’s no one outside of me to blame, that means “the buck stops here,” with me. So how can we create not only our desired destiny, but also our day-to-day, minute-to-minute empowering experiences? And reap the positive benefits we all seek!


The first book of the Christian Bible’s Old Testament begins with these words. I like to complete this thought with the expression, “LOVE without end.” I long ago realized that as an allegory the Bible – the basis of my religious orientation as a child – contains much truth, but relatively few facts. As I grew to understand and interpret this book of wisdom metaphysically, I learned to apply many of its lessons to my own life. I also came to understand “God” as the Creative Force of Life, which is Love. And LOVE is the essence of all there ever has been, is, and will be. Love is the essence of who I am, and who you are.


It’s a VERY bitter pill to swallow, but see if you can follow my argument that supports the above “headline.” I’m prompted to write this blog based on last Sunday’s massacre in Orlando, FL. But it speaks to all those heinous acts, in the USA and abroad, that expose to our horror the hatred, depravity, and self-delusions of the terrorists behind the events.

Can You Teach TRUTH?

This week’s question – Can You Teach TRUTH? – is one I first encountered in a class that was part of my ministerial studies with Unity. (Anyone unfamiliar with Unity may want to check out for an understanding of its central philosophy). At the time this question fueled quite an energetic discussion, or perhaps “debate” would be a better description of was transpired. So before you read further, take a few minutes to consider your own thoughts on this matter.


Just what does this little qualifying phrase mean? Some years ago I often heard my minister and other Religious Science (aka, Centers for Spiritual Living, or CSL) speakers use the phrase frequently, and I didn’t get it - until I DID get it! And it turns out that when used in the way I understand these words, the expression is extremely powerful indeed.

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