Speaking Opportunities

Susan speaks and is available to work with individuals and groups locally in her hometown of Atlanta, GA, or nationwide for conference appearances and weekend workshops. A dynamic speaker, Susan convincingly presents herself as an expert who empowers lives from the inside out. Her experiences with death, divorce, and crippling depression enable her to identify with every woman’s and every man’s grief. She helps others overcome what she herself has conquered. As Susan says, “We’re all searching for the same life-changing answers.”

Susan ENGAGES with her audience, enabling participants to absorb new information and life-changing ideas. Her arena is an ever expanding one in which students of life find countless opportunities to merge their human experience with their spiritual essence. They discover how to BE THE LOVE they have come to be. In Susan’s own words, “When presenting, I often begin somewhere other than at the beginning – perhaps in the middle, or even at the end. We move forward and then return to an earlier idea or experience. In other words, our journey is never linear. Just like life – two steps forward, three steps back. Yet somehow we always arrive where we need to be.”

Susan convincingly presents herself as a seeker trying to help other seekers. Her theme of ongoing, personal alchemy appeals to a broad range of modern day believers. Her energetic and accessible words are very inviting, as is her refreshing call to broaden faith into a lifestyle. Her range covers many disciplines, including history, philosophy, spirituality, and quantum science.

Susan is always a knowledgeable, well-spoken, and entertaining educator. Whether individuals are facing mental, physical, emotional, relational, or financial difficulties - or are simply seeking more meaningful ways to experience their lives - Susan can show them how to help themselves overcome their greatest challenges.

Speaking topics are many and varied, including but not limited to: 

  • Stretching the Limits of Convention - A New View of Sexuality & Spirituality
  • Prescription for a Perfect Relationship - Intimate Relationships As Our Greatest Teachers
  • Answers to Life's BIG Questions: The WHYS, WHERES, and HOWS
  • Challenges Spiritual Growth Presents - from Pain to Power
  • Breaking Old Habits that No Longer Serve You

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Susan Trammell Speaks

Susan's words gave me so much to consider in relation to my own life as I read her experiences and thoughts. Spiritual information applied to today's life situations … an important process so many are now awakening to. Thank you Susan for your words of wisdom and sharing your story.

Insightful, Inspirational and Truthful