Teaching Opportunities

Susan teaches in OLLI (Osher Lifelong Living Institute) and other continuing education programs at major colleges and universities, including UNC-Asheville, and Emory University, where she launched her communications career some years ago. One dynamic of a good teacher is that of an “immediate presence “ – someone who reflects confidence and experience. Susan has that gift. Critics have said that her “instant radiance is supported by words of logical yet heart-felt interactions with those who are strangers when they meet and friends when they leave.”

Some of her favorite classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Art of Transforming Everyday Life
  • Hidden Biases of “Good” People
  • Dancing on a Razor’s Edge: What True Intimacy Means
  • Experiencing Grief as Growth – Moving through Pain to Gain
  • Busting Relationship Myths: Why Traditional Marriage Is Falling out of Favor

Susan’s classes focus on how individuals can become more conscious as they grow through life (rather than simply going through life).Her students learn how to recognize, release, and move beyond life’s early hurts and traumas that may interfere with their ability to attract and nurture meaningful, intimate adult relationships.

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Susan Trammell Speaks

"Susan's class, The Art of Transforming Everyday Life, was delightful and insightful! She is an engaging and thought-provoking instructor. This class should be a requirement for all adults."

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