Refreshingly Susan

My life is my teacher, just as your life can be yours. When we invite our experiences, our relationships, and our challenges to teach us the lessons we’ve come to master, fear and any sense of anxiety will disappear. On the surface your life may appear quite different from my own. And while our particular circumstances and relationships do differ, we’re all on the same journey, seeking the same ultimate destination. And that goal is EVERYDAY ENLIGHTENMENT!

Everyone has entered this lifetime for a specific purpose. My purpose is to deliver a message. And I do just that through the books I author, in the classes I teach, before the audiences I address, and in the small groups and individual coaching sessions I facilitate. I believe my message is both inspirational and transformational. I make no concessions in relating my own life’s experiences as I’ve discovered what it means to live authentically.

My speaking and writing styles have been called “conversational”. Whether you’re reading a book or listening to my words, I always invite your participation by asking questions. The ability to access our innate power and splendor depends on examining our lives and questioning our beliefs. The powerful life we’re each here to experience comes from THE INSIDE OUT. You are your own INNER EXPERT!

Self-inquiry is critical. Without it, we stagnate; and when we stagnate, we die. The results of any work we do together will be to move you from being a victim of circumstance to an overcomer in charge of your life.

About Susan T. Trammell

So what qualifies me to do what I do – writing, teaching, counseling, and speaking as “an expert” on life and relationships? The simple answer is my ability to master the lessons I’ve come to learn. I have a powerful legacy from which I draw on spiritual insights that have enabled me to turn my own life into many enriching experiences. And believe me, things weren’t always rosy!

I call myself a “21st century alchemist.” The word ALCHEMY refers to transforming something of lesser value to greater value – like lead to gold. In this case I’m talking about transforming one’s CONSCIOUSNESS from something less to something greater – to realizing one’s potential. Alchemy is a combination of spirituality, psychology, science, and even a little magic! And as each of us learns to apply those concepts to understanding what our subconscious (or unconscious) can teach us, we awaken more fully to our conscious lives. Then, as 16th century poet, mystic, and one of history’s greatest alchemists Rumi declares, YOU (become) the master alchemist! Through your loving, existence and non-existence merge. All opposites unite. All that is profane becomes sacred again.”

My formal background includes -

  • MBA and 16 years’ experience in Human Resources Management
  • Entrepreneur as communications consultant, metaphysical advisor, Licensed Unity Teacher (, member of Institute for Noetic Sciences (
  • Published author

I help you get in touch with your Inner Expert, allowing you to discover and unlock the hidden resources you need to overcome any of life’s challenges, while realizing your greatest potential!

“. . . .(Susan’s) energetic and accessible prose will be very inviting, as well as her call to broaden one’s faith into a lifestyle. . . .a short but tremendously engaging spiritual autobiography.”