Susan T. Trammell
Susan's Newest Book

An Old Adage Gains New Meaning

All of Susan’s books emphasize the importance of SELF-INQUIRY. Constant self-examination is critical for personal growth and awakening to one’s potential as a human being whose essence is spiritual. Susan offers her readers challenging questions to consider, answers to ponder, and ideas to contemplate.

Susan is well equipped to guide her readers on their journey toward Everyday Enlightenment. Through the transformational alchemy of LOVE, her readers learn how to recognize, release, and move beyond past hurts that may interfere with their ability to attract and sustain meaningful, love-filled adult relationships.

The span of topics Susan explores ranges from personal memoir to inspirational and insightful lessons for anyone seeking authenticity and growth. Whether she’s exploring relationships, loss, or quantum science, Susan speaks from a spiritual perspective as she guides her readers to transform their lives into more enriching experiences. 

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